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Living In Grace
"Living in Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception" by Beca Lewis

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Rebecca Campbell


I could say the book is terrific and it is. But better than terrific, the book is important. It is important in that everyone should read it. .....

The message of the book presented with conviction is that thoughts are things and we need to watch what we think for the good of ourselves and mankind.

Ms. Lewis gets down to what is probably real, what is core, and that therefore makes an important book...better than merely a terrific book.
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Have had a very stressful, busy week, and your book/work has been quite the highlight. I grab it whenever I can and dive in. I feel the warm sense of christ-light around me when I approach your book and work I can't thank you enough for the uplifting.
Janice L. Brennan RN

I bought several books and learned tons from attending the conference ... but truly without a doubt what I learned from both of you far surpasses all the other information combined.My spirit is leaping for joy at the knowledge I am ingesting.
Sheila Laschober - Oregon

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What Does This Book Offer?

  • A wakeup to the abundance available to you now
  • Easy techniques for keeping thought only on God
  • Eliminates confusion about what is spirituality
  • Get the answer to what God knows about Love
  • Discover how to instantly dissolve any problem
  • Uncovers the barriers in your life
  • Teaches you how to heal yourself and others
  • Gives you a spiritual retreat from everyday life

"Living in Grace: grace
The Shift to Spiritual Perception
is a practical, profound, thought provoking and complete guide to shifting your perceptions to reveal what is hidden in plain sight.

This book will assist the reader in breaking out of the prison of perceptions that stop us from realizing the relationships, the love, the work and the joy we desire in our lives.

The 7 Keys to Grace and an eight step-by-step system based on the word GRACIOUS, along with worksheets, help the reader achieve awareness of Heaven on Earth."

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