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Living In Grace
"Living in Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception" by Beca Lewis


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Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception

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The Book is Important...

I could say the book is terrific and it is. But better than terrific, the book is important. It is important in that everyone should read it. Physical Scientists...some of the best, say what we see, hear and touch are not really what we think they are. Ms. Lewis uses hundreds of quotes from nearly everyone most people respect throughout her book as her premise. Then she connects the dots between the quotes effectively, and for me, convincingly.

Here is one such quote in the book. Admittedly most are much shorter:

"Gradually philosophers and scientists arrived at the startling conclusion that since every object is simply the sum of its qualities, and since qualities exist only in the mind, the whole objective universe of matter and energy, atoms and stars does not exist except as a contruction of the consciousness, and edifice of conventional symbols shaped by the senses of man." Lincoln Barnett, The Universe and Dr. Einstein

The message of the book presented with conviction is that thoughts are things and we need to watch what we think for the good of ourselves and mankind.

Ms. Lewis gets down to what is probably real, what is core, and that therefore makes an important book...better than merely a terrific book.

Can we establish a category of 6 stars?

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This highly beneficial spiritual self-help book will guide you step-by-step to living a life in grace.

Book Review by: Dallas Franklin
This is not a book you would read once and toss aside, never to see the light of day again. No, this is one of those keepers that you’ll read over and over. Not because you couldn’t grasp the steps but because you could.

Ms. Lewis takes us on our own inner journey sharing her wisdom that she’s been living and sharing with others for over 26 years. She teaches us about how we perceive our reality and how it magnifies our experience. The more we focus, the more power we give it and make it our reality. Changing the way we look at things, situations, people, etc. changes our life as we shift our perception. Through ‘Living in Grace’ we learn the seven keys to Grace while incorporating the eight guidelines she calls GRACIOUS to shift our perception.

The book is sectioned into three parts, which outline the guidelines, examples and worksheets to help you change your perception, hence your reality and life. Ms. Lewis also shares some of her own personal experiences and has been guiding The Shift® Principles in classes and seminars to help others understand too. She shines light on how our perceptions can be transformed to live the kind of life we desire. We understand the magic behind the curtain.

Along with a good dosage of quotes throughout the book, Ms. Lewis also includes familiar quotes from the Bible that puts a whole new perspective on them, giving you pause for ponder and wonder. Through her conversational style of writing and non-preachy attitude, her book is rather like a good, trusting friend whose always there to lend a helping hand.

’Living in Grace’ will help you discover why you are here and make that spiritual connection to shifting your perception and applying it to your own life. When you begin to use her principles you’ll see the results of living in a state of grace each new day. The worksheets allow you to recognize your own growth and how these steps genuinely do work.

I highly recommend this book and give it a top rating of 10.

Book Review by: Rebecca Brown

A profound, thought–provoking guide to shifting perceptions to reveal what is hidden in plain sight: heaven on earth. From Beca Lewis’ Preface: “It is our point of view, our perception that determines our world and the life we lead...There has never been a single moment that we have not or will not be living in Grace...even though we search for meaning, power and reasons for our existence...we are walking a path together, evolving together, and supporting each other in our ‘search’ for Truth, but in Truth we are already One and we have never left the Reality of Heaven.”

If you have ever asked: Why is life so unfair, so hard for me? Why do other people have all the luck? Why doesn’t anybody love me? Why don’t I know what to do? Then give yourself the gift of Living in Grace. It will change your mind, shift your perceptions & give you ideas that will change the rest of your life. No, it won’t happen over night, like being touched by the Good Fairy’s wand, because you do have do the “work.”

Through stories that connect to themes & exercises, Beca Lewis offers gears (ways) to shifting our lives into a state of Grace: First — realign our Spiritual Perception — “Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if everything you ever thought came true?” Here Beca Lewis explains how Perception Produces Reality, & that “In order to live the life we were meant to live we must change our point of view and focus on the Truth of our Being.”

Then she goes on to shine a thoroughly modern light on how we might do this. Second — in our work at The Shift to Gracious, we come to The Fork In The Road & as the great Yogi Berra says: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Which one?

Ah, read this section & make your choice, along the way Beca Lewis will introduce you to “God”, like you’ve never met before — an Infinite One Loving Mind. Good stuff!

Third — is all about how we walk with ourselves & with others, with our bodies, our purpose & our money, in other words how we Walk Our Talk.

As I read Living in Grace I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, to be suddenly roundly slapped upside the head with some religious dogma. While a focus on Christianity does appear halfway through the book, it is not the Christianity of our childhood.

Beca Lewis’ exercises & ideas actually transcend that exclusivity, although I’m sure this author wouldn’t want me to mention that — as if living in grace is only available in that “one size fits all” religion!

Beca Lewis has something to tell us, & it is memorable, a sometimes scary, often useful look into how to transform the quality of our lives, to live the life we’ve always wanted to, to know contentment, authenticity, & be present in our Living in Grace.

Beca Lewis is an author dedicated to bringing universal principles & laws into tangible & useable forms to produce practical results. Her years of teaching The Shift™ seminars have made her an expert on how to shift perceptions to the experience of Living in Grace.

I would just like to tell you how much your book "Living in Grace" has helped me. I bought the book a couple years ago, more or less on a whim. I usually only buy books that I've seen recommended in another book or on a website that I liked. I was shopping at Border's, and was done and already in the checkout line when I saw your book on a table. Although I'd never heard of it, something about it just grabbed me and said "don't miss this one!" So I got it.

I took it home and put it on the bookshelf for future reading (I used to do that a lot ... at any given time I probably had 5 or 6 books on my bookshelves that I intended to read 'some day' - some of them I still haven't read). I have always been an avid book reader, all types, but in the last 10 years or so especially 'self-help' and spritually oriented books. Often I glean from them information or insights that seem helpful at the time, but somehow I've never quite managed to get any of them into full time practice.

Recently I have been having a huge problem at my workplace, to the point where I've had several mini 'melt-downs,' made myself physically ill, wondered if I was losing my mind, and was sure I was going to have to quit, whether I had a replacement job or not (scary, with a mortgage and bills). I knew I desperately needed to make a change, and considered my old fall-back - go buy a book!

But somehow I felt that another book wasn't going to help me this time. That eventually, merely reading things wasn't going to "fix" anything, and I was going to have to do the work of going inside and changing something fundamental in my own way of thinking - my own perception - to move beyond these 'problems.' (this was before I read your book, by the way!).

But I couldn't quite figure out how to do it. I tried for awhile sorting things out on my own, but was having little success. Then I felt drawn to my own bookshelves (as opposed to the bookstore!) and found your book. I immediately took it from the shelf, and began reading it. I'm not even all the way through yet, and the difference is amazing. I am truly beginning to 'see' differently, beginning to understand the shift in perception I need to make to end this workplace suffering. I am finally understanding that I don't need to (nor could I) change 'them', and the answer isn't even changing myself as in changing how I 'behave.' Trying to 'force' myself to accept things or 'have a better attitude,' as so many people told me I should do, didn't work, and worse, made me feel more like a failure and somehow flawed because it didn't work for me.

That was because there was a fundamental first step that I had missed. The very premises I have been operating from have been flawed (things like 'the world is inherently a hostile place,' to name just one I've figured out), and therefore any attempt to "fix the problem" while still believing that premise at a core level is doomed to failure.

That missing and completely necessary step is what I'm learning from your book.

I've read books with ideas similar to yours before, but never have any of them been so clear to me, never have any of them made so much sense or been so immediately useful to me - and 'immediately' useful is the key, because my work situation had reached critical mass - something had to give, soon! Maybe it's a combination of the clear way you present the material, and maybe also it was in part that it was just "time" for me to finally begin waking up. But regardless, your book was the key that opened the door for me. I really wanted to thank you for that.

I will undoubtedly still choose to leave this job for work that is more fulfilling, with people who don't believe that yelling or resorting to acts of physical aggression or co-worker sabotage are the way to handle their own problems. But with the new insights I am gaining, I am confident that any change I make now will be far better than where I was headed - basically, out of the frying pan into the fire in a knee-jerk reaction to just get away from my 'problems,' without understanding where they came from in the first place, or the choices I made which got me there, and kept me there for so long. And I know my work will not be the only area of my life that improves!

I know I still have much inner work to do, I'm just starting out. But I am finally beginning to understand, and that is always the first step. And I reached that point because of the keys to this understanding that you have given in your book. Thank you so very much!
Sincerely, Rayne
Warren, Ohio

A refreshing and positive look at life and spirituality....
Reviewer: Jamie Lykens from Paso Robles, CA

I have always had an interest and curiosity about the spiritual side of life and finding the answer(s) to why we are all here. I have read many books in the "new-age" genre. Beca's book is a wonderful and uplifting guide on the subject of life and the truth of who we really are. For once, someone approaches life in a completely positive, loving and reassuring way. We are not told that the world is an awful and evil place, but quite the opposite, if we just shift the way we look at things. Everything we have ever needed is and always has been available to and provided for us. We have just been looking at things the wrong way. Beca clearly explains how to get back on track and gives the reader practical ways to return to our true Spiritual Path and how to easily stay there. I would recommend this book to anyone who is not afraid to change their life in a positive way once and for all.

Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception

Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception,
Reviewer: Susan L. Gilbert
from San Diego, CA USA

Beca's book reminds us to adjust the view of life and naturally, shift will happen - in all the very best ways. A wonderful and practical guide to living life in amazing grace!

I'm a "Proud Shifter"
Reviewer: Linda Hollander from Los Angeles, CA United State
This book changed the way I look at life forever. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. Beca Lewis is the perfect spiritual teacher. She guided me gently into a world of light and truth. How wonderful it is to wake up every day in a state of grace.

A letter from a reader

It's the tiny...(maybe they are not so tiny things) that shift from reading the book and doing the worksheets.

Doing the worksheet on page 31 gave me a real perspective of who I claim to be. It placed me one step away from myself so I could see it's not who I Really am. I made that crap up.

The Star Trek point of view gave me a real hoot. I read it at a particularly down moment and laughed out loud for the first time in a long time. Just that was worth having the book.

P. 38 Choosing a new name and new back history was really powerful. Oddly enough the first name that came to me was my father's name; someone I've never felt particularly close to. Yet it was really powerful to take that name on. The back history I created was a much more loving, positive one than the one I know myself to have been brought up. For me the trick is to keep remembering the new backhistoryy and let go of the old, tired, worn-out, history. ..Like enough of the same old same old. Get over it already, it's history. I made the old one up just like I made up the new one.

Chapter 5. Was getting a little frustrated about putting God first. "What does that mean?" I kept saying to myself. Then on page 57-58 was the explanation and worksheet about creating a list of qualities I wanted to be conscious of and a list of how I would feel regarding these qualities. Whoa!!

As an example. I recently wanted to have a tile floor installed in my hallway and kitchen. It was a big leap for me to spend the money, (I have a 1929 mentality...even though I was born 30 years later) but I went to the flooring store and booked the job. It was more costly than I had expected, but figured 'if not now, when'? The day of the scheduled installation I waited for three-and-one half hours for the installer. When he finally got here, he came up to the apartment and said (in a very heavy Brooklyn accent) "I ain't doing this job. The flaws (floor is) not prepared. You can't install tile on a varnished hardwood floor. You gotta put down plywood. The mouldings gotta come off. The door saddles gotta be removed. Your taking at least double whatya paid. Them salesmen is idiots. They wasted my day. I coulda booked anotha jawb."

Well, that put a damper on things...big time. Then I did the worksheet on 57-58 of the qualities and feelings that I wanted to experience i.e. elegant, rich, luxurious, etc. and blessed, grateful, peaceful, etc. After doing the list, a day later these qualities and feelings started to appear. They were always there, I just neglected to notice them. I get to experience the qualities and feelings I want even before the floor will finally be installed.

Those are The Shifts® I've experienced so far. Hope this helps. I read and re-read just a little each day so I don't miss anything,

Life Changing
Reviewer: Rosemary Rickley from Vallejo, CA United States
Shifting with Beca has been a life altering experience. She gave me the tools to help me define why I am here and to help me experience only the beauty of living a purposeful life. Everyone desires to live in truth. I believe we all desire to shift in all areas of our life to really Live in Grace and this book leads you there. This book is a complete guide in helping you stay in true shifting. It's a book you'll want to refer to again and again. Happy Shifting!

Practical Spirituality
Reviewer: A reader from Ashland, OR United States
This nondenominational guidebook for spirituality is full of practical ways each of us can use daily to improve our life and the lives of others. I have enjoyed trying out the ideas and watching them work in my life!

The author gives lots of examples of events and observations from her own life and from other people (often with humor) -- some of them I'll never forget. And the GRACIOUS mnemonic is a great way to focus one's thought on what's good and true in order to change our circumstances for the better.

I especially like the fact that each chapter has a section on practical applications, plus a place for exercises to do, which you can use again and again -- and they really do work! It's true: Whatever we perceive to be true magnifies. The author explains this in many different ways until it really makes sense -- not merely philosophically, and not with any religiosity, but in practical terms.

Spiritually Powerful!
Reviewer: hannah5 from Upstate New York
I saw five very young grackles today, fighting over a worm. They made quite a racket and pecked at each other, rather ruthlessly. And all I could think was...how silly. If it rained, those birds would see the thousands of worms that live in that yard. Evidently they thought there was only one.

This is what Beca's book is about, seeing the abundance that is already out there by simply changing perspective. And Beca shows precisely how to change perspective by getting rid of the congestion in our lives. Beca makes it is easier than one can imagine too, even for stubborn old ones like me.

This is a fantastic read. Enlightening and Spiritually Powerful!

Surprise! I Actually Like An "Inspirational Book"
Reviewer: Sunny Lewis from Ridgewood, NY USA

As a class "A" cynic, I normally pride myself on my ability to snicker at the pathetic idiots perusing the self-help and inspirational sections of book stores. "Get a life!" I'd mutter safely under my breath. "Why are you reading books in which someone is telling you what decisions to make? Don't you have enough confidence in yourself to make your own decisions?"

Here is a book that gives me the courage to say "Get a life!" at the top of my lungs. It doesn't tell me what decisions to make or how to run my life. It simply inspires me with the knowledge that I am a distinct, unique individual and that all I need to do is follow my own personal destiny. Everyone is different and everyone is the same: we are all battling negative misconceptions about who we are and how we should behave and all we need to realize is that we can trust our own inner selves to lead the lives we were born to lead. Beca Lewis' Living In Grace gets this point home without preaching, without condemnation, but with empathy and gentle suggestion. The book is filled with practical examples of how events in her own life have led to the inevitable conclusion that Life Is Good.

I am currently experiencing a tremendous transition in my own life, having made some tough decisions that will totally change my life-style. Living In Grace has been an enormous help in giving me the courage to make those decisions.

A smart man learns his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. This book will save anyone reading it, a lot of headaches and mistakes. Not only that, it gives workable tools, to enjoy the ride, and realize you're a lot closer to your dream life than you may realize. Anyone who wants to improve their life, should get this and read it twice, cover to cover. You'll be a lot happier when you do!