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I downloaded a book, but I don’t see it on my Kindle or Nook? How do I read this book on my eReader?

Unfortunately, we can’t download books straight to your Kindle. You’ll have to download the Kindle file to your computer and then upload to your Kindle.

Fortunately, it will take less than two minutes to upload a book to your Kindle.

Here’s the quick version:

1. Download

First, download the book files to your computer. Put them in a spot you can easily find later, your Desktop, for example.

2. Plug In Your Kindle/Nook

Using the white USB cable that came with your Kindle, plug your Kindle into your computer.

3. Open the Kindle/Nook Folder

Your Kindle will show up in “My Computer” (for Windows computers) or on the desktop (for Mac computers). Open the Kindle folder.

4. Drag Your Book to Your Kindle/Nook

Drag your book file to the “Documents” file on your Kindle or the , “My Documents” file on Nook.

That’s it. You’ll be reading in two minutes or less.

You can also check out the longer guide from Amazon.

Happy Reading!