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The Intent Course: Say Yes To What Moves You


The Intent Course:
Say Yes To What Moves You

Written By Beca Lewis
(Part Of The Shift Series)
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Set the course of your life based on your own consciously chosen clear values and priorities, and they can become the intents that direct your life.

Why You MUST Know How To Find And Set Your Intents …
Intents are the underpinnings of everything that happens in our life, and to our life. Whether it is an intent as big as a life purpose, or an intent on how you want to spend your evening, what you intend it to be, will set the outcome in motion.

There is another reason why it is import to cultivate this skill. If someone else has a clearer intent than you do, his or her intent wins, or prevails over yours. In other words, you will follow what they have decided is important whether it is in your best interest or not.

While perfecting the skill of how to set clear, conscious intents you will also perfect the skill of noticing what other people intend. This gives you the chance to decide if you want to follow their lead or not. Knowing that intent underlies all action you can immediately see how dangerous it is to not know what your intent is at all times.

In this manual, you will find the worksheets and tools that will enable you to become a master at setting and reading intents. This skill can and will change every experience in your life if you are willing to do the work of knowing yourself.

This book – with all its worksheets – is designed to be completed in 28 days, but you can choose your own timing. After all it is your intent how you want to to work.

It is also the perfect book to use in a Mastermind group of two or more like-minded people.

  • Have you ever stepped into a room to get something, and then couldn’t remember what it was?
  • Have you ever stopped in the middle of a store and forgot what you came for?
  • Have you ever found yourself wondering what the meaning and purpose of life in general is and yours specifically?
  • Have you ever found yourself doing something for a few minutes, or maybe a few years, and realized it wasn’t what you wanted to do at all?
  • Have you ever been in a relationship that you realized was not a good one for you?
  • Have you ever bought something and then wondered why you spent the money for it?
  • Some of the results of these have you questions are relatively harmless. Others are annoying or expensive. Some of them have been downright dangerous!

    How can you avoid these negative results? By knowing the “why” of every action before you take it.

    This may sound impossible but it’s not.

    In fact, it is imperative for living a life of ease, harmony, love, and abundance.

    The trick is to know your intent. Most of us haven’t a clue what our intent is for a simple thing like going to the store, let alone our intent for our life.

    However, it is actually easy to find out once you learn a simple process, and that is what this book can do for you.

    Let me give you a simple example.

    You are going out lunch with your best friend. What is your intent for the lunch? Does it revolve around money, food, or connection?

    Let’s say it is money and your intent is to stay within your preset budget. However, once you sit down, you realize there is nothing you love to eat within your budget range.

    A range of emotions may follow from disappointment to anger which override the joy of the meeting. This means you have missed the opportunity to explore a different solution for food, and the connection with your friend.

    On the other hand, if your intent is the food and it turns out the food is not very good, what happens? Perhaps you experience disappointment, or anger about spending money on not very good food, and once again, miss the connection with your friend.

    However, if your intent is clearly defined as connection then neither the budget you have set, or the lack of good food, would spoil that connection. You would keep your focus on the true intent of the lunch, and the rest would fall into its proper place in importance.

    Actually, any of these intents—money, food, or connection—are perfectly fine, as long as you know which one it is. If you choose it consciously, you will remain pleased with the result.

    A clear, conscious intent for every area of your life will give you the ability to set goals, or resolutions that not only you enjoy doing, but will be ones that you will actually accomplish with pleasure.

    Without a clear, conscious intent, momentum can carry you down a path faster than of the blink of an eye, and it just might not be the direction, or path, you want to take.

    Without a clear, conscious intent, you are easily distracted, and someone else with a clearer intent than yours can easily manipulate you in every area of your life.

    With a clear, conscious intent, your purpose in life becomes bigger than the small human ego and provides you with a path to walk that is filled with life’s endless rewards, far beyond your daily expectations.

    As with all things, the key is first to be willing, and then to take clear, conscious action.

    In this book, you will find a well defined set of actions to take to discover your intent in every area of your life, including the overall Master Intent for your life, which is the most important of all.

    Once you set the main intents for your life, the rest of them will be easy to discover.

    Soon you will find it a breeze to discover your intent for everything from cleaning your house, to what schools to go to, what person to date or marry, what clothes to wear, to buying a car.

    The basis of this system is a spiritual one, meaningful and important to you, not someone else.

    Discover the power of consciously knowing what you want, and why you want it.

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