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The 28 Day Shift To Wealth: A Daily Prosperity Plan


The 28 Day Shift To Wealth:
A Daily Prosperity Plan

Written By Beca Lewis

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Beca Lewis has done it again. Beca has taken her spiritual calling and turned it into practical knowledge for all of us. She inspires, uplifts and encourages to find the deeper, more beautiful meaning of wealth. She writes with gentle grace, depth and true spiritual understanding. She leads the reader to discover the kingdom of wealth that actually resides in all of us. Jan Ramsey, Florida

Wealth is a state of mind and point of view.

It doesn’t happen because you work hard to make it happen from the outside. It begins from the inside out. No one can make this shift of perception for you, you have to do it for yourself, and the sooner you do, the quicker you experience increased wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

In this powerful book, with easy to apply ideas, you have an effective tool for making that shift.

As soon as you begin this course you will experience the shift from “making it happen”, to the internal shift that reveals what you need, just waiting for you to notice it.

This book provides you with all you need to shift your perception, to see as the Divine sees Life, overflowing with wealth and prosperity.

(Includes link to page for some free goodies like the PDF of the Journal Workbook and the audio of The 7 Day Shift To Wealth)

What is more vexing than trying to understand, get, and keep wealth?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions about wealth, especially in the form of money?

  1. What is it?
  2. Where does it go? Why do some people have it and some people don’t?
  3. Why do I sometimes have it, and then I don’t?
  4. Why does it seem as if I never have enough?

By using the powerful tools in this book, you will find the answers, and the solutions to all these questions.

Each Day Of Your Prosperity Plan Includes:

•An Inspirational Reading
•A Wealth Journal Assignment
•A Daily Discipline To Do

You should be able to complete all of this in under 15 minutes a day. The rest of the day is the practice of staying in the point of view and state of mind that you have created in those 15 minutes.

This practice will shift everything!

Spirituality and paying bills .. how does this go together?

For over 26 years I worked as a Certified Financial Planner, a spiritual writer, and consultant. Combining what appeared as two different worlds was at first very hard for me, as I know it is for everyone.

I kept asking myself, “Spirituality and money, how do I put these two things together?”

I had grown up in a traditional religious background that thought that poverty was “good,” and as an adult I was part of the financial community that seemed to me to be saying, “money is everything.”

Ping ponging between two worlds.

I was constantly ping-ponging between the two thinking that it was somehow good to be both poor and wealthy at the same time.

As I studied the Principles of spirituality, of God, I learned that poverty is a disease, and I soon became very tired of seeing so many of my clients suffering from it.

However, I still struggled with what appeared as a difference between the material sense of wealth, and a spiritual awareness of wealth.

Not two worlds .. just one!

Until I finally because aware of the fact there cannot be both a spiritual world and a material world, it is all One, and it is spiritual.

Which means that what the financial community and I perceived as money, is in Reality God in action.

What I needed was a way to SHIFT myself and clients’ thinking about wealth, so that we could experience it practically in their lives.

An idea about shifting to wealth.

One day, while out walking, the entire idea of a Wealth Course that would take place over 28 days popped into my mind, and I rushed home to write it out.

Since then this course has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, and I know it will impact yours too.

Just a few minutes a day.

This course is designed for the “rush-rush” life we live. It only takes a few minutes of your time each day, but its impact is tremendous, because it shifts your perception of reality to the Reality and Spirituality of wealth.

This Shift will bring amazing changes to your life, in practical ways, that you will immediately notice.

As you use this course you dissolve the habits, thought processes, and points of view that block the evidence that wealth, in all its forms, is constantly present in your life.

What does it do?

This course changes your perception, and makes Spirituality as wealth the habit of your thought, instead of the habit of lack.

The habit of being in the state of mind of fear and lack can become a nasty cycle, because the more you believe it, and think about it, the more you receive it.

If you are experiencing lack of any kind, unless you break out of the thinking pattern and habits that are producing the movie called “Lack,” the more lack you will experience.

When thinking shifts so does your world.

This would be scary and discouraging except for one thing. When your thinking shifts to the Reality of the One Divine Love and abundance, the darkness of lack MUST and WILL disappear.

What you perceive to be reality magnifies.

You will hear me say this all the time. Why? Because it is true and provable.

All belief of lack can be dissolved because it is just a mist, a missed perception, a belief that has no truth other than that you believe it and act out of that belief.

Sometimes these are unconscious beliefs that must be uncovered so they can be dissolved.

Does thinking create our lives?

Our thinking does not create anything (good or bad), it just keeps us from seeing what has already been provided for us. We are not either a good person or a bad person, if we are experiencing lack. Fear holds many of us in its grip. But fear can be dissolved forever through the Truth and Principle of Love.

Use this book to Shift from a material perception to living in Spiritual Perception and experience results that are proven and practical.

Does it work?

Absolutely! If you work the system, follow the easy steps, it must, and will, work. After all what “we perceive as reality magnifies.”

Learn how to shift consciousness, thinking, perception to the truth about wealth, and that is the reality you will experience.

Why buy this book?

  • Purchase this book if you are tired of the worldview game of lack.
  • It you are ready to quit that addictive feeling of have, have not, then buy this book.
  • If you tired of being afraid or lonely, then buy this book.
  • And then … please you let me know how your life is going and if I can answer any questions for you!

    Dedicated to shifting perceptions,
    Beca Lewis

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