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Who Won The Kindle?

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We Have A Winner!

First, let me thank all of you who helped me with getting the word out about The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits.

You were awesome – tweeting, liking, commenting, stumbling, reviewing – – I can’t thank you enough!

I thought a few of you might be interested in the process of collecting names, and what I used to track the points, and then the winner.

When I was thinking of doing this drawing I had to figure it all out myself, so if you are interested in doing one yourself, perhaps this will help.

If you are not interested .. just skip to the end to see the name!

The key tool I used Excel. I made an Excel spreadsheet for each day, and I tracked the daily points for each person. At the end, I simply did a final spreadsheet and added all the day’s points up.

I’ll tell you what I did then (and the easier way to do it that I discovered) but first, how did I track the points?

I constantly throughout the day checked my twitter account, and both my personal and business Facebook account.

I also used: Hash Tags to track all twitters that included this this hash tag#4Essential?.

I used Row Feeder to track both twitter and Facebook mentions of The Four Essential questions, and the blog page and Tweet Reach to see how far the tweets traveled.

I set up an alerts for the book and my name on both Social Mention and Google Alerts.

Of course these all overlapped, but I figured too much information was better than missing someone.

So back to how the winner was chosen.

On a final spreadsheet, I reproduced each person’s name by the number of points they had.
I was then going to add the very tedious task of cutting out the names to throw them all into a basket and have my mailman pick out a name.

Then I found Since I had already created a spreadsheet with everyone’s name on it as many times as they had points, it was only a matter of using their Sequence Tool and pasting it beside the list. (Way faster than cutting out names.)

I had already decided that it would be the number 4 that would win (appropriate because of the title of the book).

(If I would have found this website earlier I could have made ALL of it easier by running the entire calculating of points through their Draws Tool)

I ran the random number generator and pasted that beside the list of names and the winner is:

CORINNE PIERCE of Boston MA. Congratulations Corinne, and thank you for the review that gave you the points that produced the win of a free Kindle!

Thanks again everyone for participating. I would still love to hear from you about your experiences with the book. Please keep in touch!

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