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Love’s Silent Sweet Secret

Love's Silent Sweet Secret Cover

Love’s Silent Sweet Secret
An Adult Fable About Love

Written By Beca Lewis
Kindle Version
Also available as PDF download for $3.00
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Discover the silent – but oh so sweet – secret of how to remain in love, and even if it appears to be lost or misplaced, find it again.

In this modern day fairy tale that anyone can understand and relate to, no matter what age or sex, the secret to the love that lasts is revealed.

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The story begins ..
Once upon a time there lived a husband and wife who were very good friends. Their names were Agatha and Winston. Agatha was a small, very round, gray bear who loved to amble through flower gardens smelling the flowers and petting the bees.

Winston was a tall rather saggy and unstuffed brown bear. This unstuffedness caused him to look a little shaky, but once one got to know him they would find that he was really quite dignified and precise. Some of their friends could not understand how Agatha and Winston became such good friends…..”

A Reader Says:

Beca has done it again!! She is a master of capturing the most profound insights into human behavior and “teaching” it to others (like me)in a simple, sweet and compelling way.

Her words cut through the modern day trumpets blaring “success at any cost” to reveal the ultimate life success manta “Love Is Its Own Reward.”

Her powerful well illustrated short story ranks right along side the Beatles’ profound words “Love is all there is” and “Let It be.” Her “LOVE’S SILENT SWEET SECRET: AN ADULT FABLE ABOUT LOVE” has a most prominent place in the bookshelf of my heart!!
Jim Belasco, Author of Teaching The Elephant To Dance

Listen To The Story: Read By Corinne Pierce


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How It Came To Be

I wrote this little adult fable for my oldest daughter, Christin. At the time I was living with two teddy-bears, my computer, and a pig puppet (but that’s another story).

My two bears would sit quietly while I wrote and I often felt as if they were trying to tell me something.

One day they told me their love story and I wrote it down as a gift for her 18th birthday.
It had been a very trying few years for me, and I had learned quite a bit, sadly the hard way, about love. I was hoping that this story would eliminate some of that hard way of learning for her.
After I gave the story to her, it just sat in my files while I wished I could think of something good to do with it.

About 9 years later my dear friend Kari read the story and for my birthday and hired an artist to illustrate it for me. She picked the perfect artist (as you will see) and in the process demonstrated love just as in the story.

But, life continued and I never had time to package and publish it and another 7 years went by while this fable about love continued to wait in my files.

And then love happened again.

One Christmas I confided to my husband, Del, how every Christmas I would think how wonderful it would be to put this story together and give it to my family and friends, but it never happened because I never had the time to do it.

Without hesitation, and all on his own, Del put aside his work and spent the next 5 days working on publishing the story for me. It was more beautiful than I ever thought it could be!

That was how this story ended up in a PDF form, but it still wasn’t accessible to everyone.
Finally the gift of Ebooks arrived and now 24 years after writing it, we are publishing it for everyone to read.

For me, this is a timeless story, I hope it is for you.

It exists because of a love for my daughter, and love from the bears, and love from my friend, and love from my husband, and of course the story from Love Itself.

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy it, and benefit from its telling.