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Golden Chains And Silver Cords

Golden Chains And Silver Cord

Golden Chains And Silver Cords
An Adult Fable About Letting Go

Written By Beca Lewis
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This is a story about two ways of thinking that tie us down, and prevent us from living the lives we desire. However, we all also have been inspired to let go by someone else who has walked the path before us, leading the way to freedom.

In this story our Handsome Bull Frog, is tied down by who he has always been and the admiration that it gains him from others. Through the example of his new friend, The Midnight Leaper, he learns how to let go and fly!

The Story Begins .. “Once upon a time there was a very handsome and proud bullfrog that lived on a lily pad in the middle of a large silver lake. He was known through out all the land as the frog with the prettiest skin and the most beautiful eyes, and he was very proud of both.

He was very careful about the way he looked. He would never venture out onto his pad until he was sure he looked his best with the perfect bow tie to match his mood……”

About The Book ..
We all desire freedom, but we are often not aware of what keeps us stuck in daily dramas and make us feel contained and heavy.

Discover through the eyes of the Handsome Bull Frog, the secret to feeling the freedom of flying, released from the addiction of doing things in order to be loved and adored.

I wrote this book during a time when I kept finding myself drawn to people simply because I thought they were giving me some love and attention.

One of those people was just like the Handsome Bull Frog, and because I found myself unable to tell him directly, I wrote this story instead.

Of course, after writing it, I realized it was a story about me needing to let go too.

I love the promise that not only it is possible to fly free of restraints, but that it only takes awareness and practice, and a guide – which in this case is The Midnight Leaper.

If we but look around we will discover that there are many people leading the way, and in turn we become the one others can watch and follow.

Although a short story, its message will remain with you for a long time as the promise of freedom. Click To Tweet

Written so that both adults and children can get the powerful message, this book is about the benefits of letting go, and rising above.

Ready to fly … let’s begin!

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Also available as PDF download for $3.00
(Read It On Any Device With Free Kindle App)