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Grace Notes

Love Letters From God To You
A Perfect Blend of Meditation & Affirmation

Written by Beca Lewis – Read by Beca Lewis and Del Piper – Music by Jamie Lewis

Dear Loved One ~

Have you ever wanted you had a letter from God direct to you? Have you ever wished for a voice to whisper in your ear loving, encouraging and truthful ideas? Have you ever needed to be reminded of Divine Love’s care for you?

Then these Grace Notes are for you! Each Grace Note is a love letter from God, declaring the Truth about a specific idea and quality.

But instead of just reading a letter, these Grace Notes combine voices, stunning original music, binaural beats and sound effects making them perfect for relaxation, meditation, affirmation and contemplation. Listen while you work, or meditate or even to help you sleep.

You say these include binaural beats. Are these the same beats “everyone” is talking about?

Yes, these are those same beats. The intention behind using them is to “train” your ability to put yourself into a relaxed, or meditative state. Combining this with the words of each Grace Note, you have the perfect combination of shifting both modes of perception, state of mind and point of view.

Are there any hidden messages?

There are absolutely NO hidden or subliminal messages included in these CD’s. The only message is the one you hear. These Grace Notes are the perfect way to support your desire to have a habitual spiritual state of mind and point of view.

There are 12 Grace Notes. If at all possible listen to these Grace Notes with headphones. Listen while you work, or meditate or even to help you sleep.

Can I listen to these for free?

YES! If you are a member of Perception U all Grace Notes are available to listen to at all times. Click here to listen to all Grace Notes. As a member you will also be able to read the words of each Grace Note and download a PDF copy of them.

If you are not a member, you can listen to the Grace Note: LOVE for free too. Click Here to hear to listen to “Love.”

Listen To A Sample: PURPOSE

What Listeners Have Said

“I can certainly speak to the benefit of Grace Notes! Today I took in my headphones, popped in “Purpose” and got to work. Listened to it three times while working. Then I popped in “Grace” (my favorite) and listened to that three times. The music and benefit is PHENOMENAL with headphones! And another benefit was I didn’t have to listen to all the “white noise” going on around me……” Jet Tucker, CPA

MY GOD THAT MUSIC IS GORGEOUS! Some of the most beautiful that I have ever heard, and combined with the music of your voices it brought tears to my eyes.”

I listened to the CD on Love four times last night and this is something that I would listen to every day. The length is just right. Easy to fit into a busy day, but long enough that it can pull you out of a cluttered state of mind (which is what I had going when I listened to it). It brought the focus right back and it was very comforting. IT IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Just beautiful. Very relaxing.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just listened to the first grace notes CD that has a little bit from all the themes, and I was so touched, moved and transformed that I was crying (tears of joy releasing all else), empowered and calmed, all at the same time. I am so looking forward to listening to the rest of the CDs. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done, I feel so blessed and honored………the Christ in me salutes the Christ in You! Hugs………………Magda

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Each Grace Note Separately

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The Words To: LOVE

Are you feeling lonely? Do you know anyone else who is feeling lonely? There is something you can do right now in this moment, that will immediately bring you into the awareness of Grace and instantly cure your — and their — loneliness. Give the gift that everyone wants and needs. Give the gift of unconditional Love.
Give it now to yourself. Then give to the next person you see, and the next, and the next. Give equally and fully to friends, family and strangers. Turn aside from the chatter about needing to give or receive things. Instead, give what you have already been given without limit or restriction. Love!! Love is the currency that will never run out. Love will replenish itself in ever increasing amounts the more you spend it. Know that you already possess Love and open your heart and spend it now. Try it — share it — pass it on — celebrate Love!


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The Words To: FREEDOM

As you celebrate what you perceive as the passing of one day and the beginning of a new day, would you take a moment and ask yourself: “Do I feel free?” “Do the goals I set release me to freedom, or bind me to agreements of the material world that keep me locked in the cycle of struggle?” There is something you can do right now to begin to experience the unlimited freedom that is yours. You can let go. You can let go of thinking that you are in charge, that you must do something to be successful; that control of people, places and things — including yourself — is needed or necessary. You can let go of holding on to anything or anybody. You can release them to their freedom as you release yourself. If you wish to set a goal, why not choose this one? “I choose to practice the invisible. I choose to faithfully practice the qualities of freedom, love, compassion, and joy in every moment and let the rest go.” Try it — share it — pass it on — celebrate Freedom!


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The Words To: JOY

May I lift your sadness and reveal your joy? Joy is a quality of true wealth that belongs to all living things. In joy you will find the truth about what is important in life, and that truth will spread to each part of yourself and spill out into the world. Joy returns to you in abundance, and with it comes healing. Joy can be found in watching the smallest snowflake fall or the tiniest bud open. You can find joy in the laughter of children, the touch of a hand, the breeze on your face, the sun on the water. Once found joy cannot be lost. It may be misplaced by burdens, sorrow, fears and doubts. But it is not lost. It cannot be stolen from you, only hidden in the dark. Let joy be contagious. If you can find your joy, even if only by lighting a small candle in the dark, and then let that joy propel your day it will provide light for someone else to find theirs. With each addition of joy the room and our days grow brighter. Within joy all the elements of living are done in love. Don’t let your joy be hidden by the sorrow of the times, but instead let it shine brighter. It is your heritage and birthright, and the saving power of the world. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Joy!

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The Words To: PEACE

Do not be afraid. Peace is possible because it already exists. You will find it in the still small voice within. Just Listen. It is always speaking and leading you. That quiet voice is powerful and persistent. Remember, it doesn’t just exist with you, but within all people. If it appears that others are not acting from their still small voice, double your efforts to listen to yours. When you are angry with them, and are fighting their thoughts and actions, then you are not in peace, you are in fear. It is fear in all its forms that separates people from that place of peace that is found within. That fear is a result of the suggestion that there is a separate place from the One Divine Love which is peace. Don’t listen to that suggestion of separation. Feel your connection to Divine Love. Let Divine Love express itself through you. Listen to the still small voice within. Feel that permanent peace. In the place of peace you are protected and powerful. Broadcast Divine Love to each person. If they appear to be acting out of malice, ignorance or great evil intention, stand still in your place of peace and know the Truth about them. Know that they too have a still small voice of peace within and that they can hear it. Choose to separate yourself, and them, in your thoughts from anything that does not resemble Divine Love. Peace is the only power. It takes discipline, humility, courage, and faith to think and act only from the peace within. And you can do it.
Choose To Do This Now. Let your still small voice from the place of peace within guide you each moment of the day. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Peace!


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The Words To: LIFE

Just as Love is eternal, Life is eternal. Life never begins and Life never ends. Life encircles and encompasses you and all that you know. Listen to the still small voice within and you will understand, without doubt, that this is true. Follow Life and the illusion of loss and death will dissolve. Being infinite and eternal, Life cannot pass away. Life exists in the infinite and forever now; the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Infinite Life is not known through the five senses, but can be known by observing through the lens of Truth, the symbols of Life’s infinite variety of unique expressions. Birds, flowers, trees, mountains, water, children, woman, man — all are known by Life and are expressing Life forever. Your Life is constantly unfolding; revealing to you all that has always been yours. All that Life is and has to offer is yours now, if you will put down the burden of your beliefs. Surrender to the principle of Life and love that guides and provides for all — from a grain of sand to a star. Expect and accept the abundance that Life has to offer.
If you will accept the infinite nature and loving abundance of all Life, you can live your life in unshakable peace and unstoppable joy. There is nothing to lose, nothing to grieve, nothing to change but your awareness of Life eternal. In that awareness you will find your life and all that you love, forever entwined as One with all Life. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Life


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The Words To: HOME

Home is the center and circumference of your being. It enfolds you within its protection and supports your unlimited flights. Within home you are free to expand and unfold all that you are without worry or struggle. Home is beautiful, warm, loving, peaceful, secure and permanent. Home is the Grace that always has been and always will be. You don’t need to earn it, find it, or possess it. It is already you and yours. There is no place where you can go where Grace is not. If Grace, or home, seems lost or has faded to just a memory for you there is nothing to fear. Just as when the fog lifts to reveal mountains that were hidden but not gone, so your permanent home in Grace can instantly be revealed to you. To discover home, start first with the substance of the qualities of home. See them everywhere you are. Be grateful for them. Express them in your daily walk and talk. Soon the mist will dissolve – revealing your permanent, practical home, wrapping you in the loving arms of Grace. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Home


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What is there to forgive? Has there ever been a moment that you have left My Grace? Could you at any time not have been the object and expression of my Divine Love? I Am omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent and omniaction Grace. There is nothing else. Your memories deceive you. They tell you of a past that wasn’t and a future that never will be. They are the stories told by that which would have you not know I AM. Those who have wronged you, those who have hurt you, those who have appeared to plot against your happiness have never touched you. They too have been deceived. Shine the light of forgiveness that is my Grace so that they might find their way out of the darkness. But, most of all forgive yourself. You too were deceived. Allowing guilt, unhappiness, anger, revenge, despair, discouragement, depression, and fear to remain within feeds and sustains the deceiver. Affirm the Truth of My Grace. Affirm that there is no place that it is not, no power to overthrow it, no mind that can hide it from you. Let forgiveness open the door to Grace. Let the light that floods your thought wash away all that is unlike Love. See the Truth — there is nothing to forgive. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Forgiveness


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You are the fulfillment of the completeness of Divine Mind’s infinite wisdom and Divine Love’s unlimited provision. Your Being is fulfillment. If there is any part of your life that feels empty, useless or not fulfilled, you can know that this is only because you are looking in the wrong direction and listening to the wrong voice. Look inside instead. Listen to the still small voice within. This angel voice coming direct from Love will always confirm for you the Truth of your infinite and total fulfillment. When you begin by listening to this voice that tells you of the fulfillment of all that you are, and if you begin every thought from the basis of fulfillment completed; you will awake to Its truth and the evidence of fulfillment will appear in every moment of your life. Engage your faith, rest in your trust; take action in your courage. Relax in your awareness of the never-ending, ever unfolding fulfillment of infinite wisdom and unlimited provision. It is who you are.
Listen! This message is for you. Read it again using the word “I”. Read it this way: “I AM the fulfillment of the completeness of Divine Mind’s infinite wisdom and Divine Love’s unlimited provision.” “I Am Fulfillment.”
Try it —Share it — Pass it on — Celebrate Fulfillment

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The Words To: SECURITY

Security is not illusive. It can be experienced here and now. Material perception suggests otherwise. It whispers and rages that you are never safe. It lies. You are safe. You have always been safe. You have always been held within the arms of love, sheltered in Its omnipotence and grounded in Its omnipresence.
This is the safe room. This is impenetrable, infinite and present security — the acknowledgement and awareness of the presence of Infinite Divine Loving Mind. Cling steadfastly to this Truth. Do not let the lies of material perception blind you. You have Spiritual Perception. And Spiritual Perception reveals the impossibility of anything unlike Love. Fight insecurity with the weapon of Love. Steadfastly deny and do not participate in anything that is not Love. Choose to see with a Spiritual Perception. Choose to not participate in the lie that haunts and destroys. The light of understanding is rising illuminating Truth and destroying all that is not of Divine Love. In the mean time living in Spiritual Perception will release you from fear. It will reveal your permanent, lasting security in tangible and practical forms that will shelter you from all the storms of material sense. Try it —Share it — Pass it on — Celebrate Security


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The Words To: GRACE

There has never been, nor could there ever be, a moment when you have been without Grace. It is closer than your thought, nearer than your breath. Nothing can be said; thought or done that can destroy the Truth of Grace. There is no power stronger than Grace. In the Truth, there is no other power. There is only Grace. Grace is the effect of Divine Love when understood. Grace is the result of seeing and living with Spiritual Perception. Grace is known and felt through the symbols of limitless harmony, unconditional love and complete peace. Grace is constant provision, never withheld, never stingy — always available. Grace does not have to be earned by you, just seen. You will see and feel Grace in greater degrees as your material perception is shed for spiritual perception. Material perception presents the lie and illusion of being human, knowing two powers, living on earth now only later to live in heaven, and being born and living in sin.
Step away from this material perception now. Release yourself from the prison of false beliefs. Let go of all that binds you. Reject the temptation and siren call of material pains and pleasures. Follow the guidance of all that have told you to Know the Truth and be free. Open your spiritual eyes and ears. Touch with your heart, taste with your love, and breathe with your spirit. Let everything else fall away, and you will find that you are now and always have been — Living in Grace. Try it – Share it – Pass it on – Celebrate Grace!


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The Words To: PURPOSE

Have you ever asked, “ What is my purpose”? Have you ever searched through the maze of human beliefs for the meaning and reason for your life only to become more confused? In the midst of the daily tasks necessary to maintain your life, have you ever wondered, “Why”? In this moment you can rejoice. You can rejoice in the promise that you do have a unique divine purpose and there is a divine plan for you. You can rejoice knowing that your purpose is accomplished through everything that you are and all that you do. To the question “what is my purpose” is the answer, “Be still and you will remember. Be willing to let go. Be willing to follow. Listen and you are always directed.” Your purpose is Love’s purpose. It unfolds in each moment, revealing itself in its own time. Love’s purpose is not about ego, acquiring things, becoming someone important. Love’s purpose is carried out through love. Your unique expression of love is a blessing to all that you touch. How that purpose is expressed may vary through your days, but its message will remain the same. No one can take your purpose away. It is yours and yours alone. Yield to divine love’s purpose and plan for you. As you greet each rising sun, rejoice that in each of your acts today there you will be — living Love’s purpose designed uniquely for you. Try it —Share it — Pass it on — Celebrate Purpose


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You are surrounded, and immersed in abundance. It is the essence of every moment of your life. You are abundance. You contain, express, reflect and exist as abundance. The world spreads before you in glorious abundance that is yours to have and to use. Each beat of your heart, each breath that you take, declares the abundance that is you. Every sight you see shouts abundance. Every smile, every touch, every glance, every movement is abundance. Declare your abundance with each breath. State your abundance with each word. Experience your abundance in each moment. Actively deny the lie that there is lack, no matter what form it takes. It is the acceptance of the lie of lack that blinds you to the abundance that must exist for you to exist. Gather together to state the Truth that life is abundant for all. Declare gratitude for the Truth of abundance no matter how loudly the lie of lack shouts. Rejoice that abundance is the Truth of being, and all the ills of the lie of lack must and will melt before the light of this Truth. Feel the immenseness and grandeur of abundance that is the essence of all that you see. Let the glory of infinite, eternal and omnipresent abundance lift your thoughts into the sphere of the limitless and immediate gift of grace. Experience the result as perfect peace, freedom, security, and love — as Living in Grace. Try it —Share it — Pass it on — Celebrate Abundance


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Beca Lewis

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