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Free Nook Information

Thank you everyone who participated in this – and helped me out with your reviews. I am very appreciative of your support and encouragement.

The winner of the nook is Mike Reed, and second winner was Gloria Nash and the third is Jan Ramsay.

Thank you one and all!


Here’s The Contest For A Free Nook!

As promised, here is the information about the brand new Simple Touch Nook Reader I have to give away. Our daughter Mesa donated it to me for some kind of promotion. It finally dawned on me what to do.

thesimpletouchnookreaderI have a need that you could help me with, and in return, you could win the Nook (plus cover), for you – or use as a gift. I will also give the first, second and third place people their choice of whichever book in The Shift Series, in paperback, that they want.

Here’s what I need, and here’s how you can help me. I need reviews for my books on Amazon.

This year I have published all the books in The Shift Series in paperback form, and updated their kindle format, so now I am fully ready to make sure these books get out into the world and do some good.

Reviews really make a BIG difference in how many people find and then read books, and I could sure use your reviews to get the word out!

How Will It Work?

For every review that you do on Amazon I will add your name to the drawing. Don’t worry! If you have already reviewed my books, I already added your name to the spreadsheet!

All my books count! You can see which ones are available on the right side of this page!

If you review a book, and you use a pseudo name, please let me know what that is so I know how to find you. Send me an email, or add the information to the comments below.

How Long Of A Review

I used to worry about this while writing reviews for books I enjoyed. Instead, I discovered a few sentences were just perfect!

Other Ways To Enter

There are more ways to get your name on the list. You can share this page! You can Tweet and Facebook and Pinterest and any other social media that you wish to – and for each time you do that, I will add your name.

If it is Tweeter – I can find you using TweetReach so just go ahead and say what you want to say.

However, the easiest way for me to track this is if you add this hashtag to your posts (Facebook or Pinterest) – #BecaLewisBooks – or you can let me know where you posted in the comments below.

Don’t Have A Book And Want It?

I have a few free download days coming up for Living In Grace and The Intent Course coming up. The free days for Living In Grace are October 3,4,5. The free days for The Intent Course are October 8,9,10.

Otherwise, I hope you will find the prices between $1.99 and $4.99 are a worthwhile investment.

Dates For The Contest

This contest will last two weeks. Longer and I might go crazy trying to track everyone – shorter and I might miss some of you that need to find the time to do a review.

It begins now – and ends on October 12, 2013.

How Will We Know Who Wins?

Once I let the person know, I will also send it add the information to The Shift Ezine, and post it on this page. If you are not yet receiving the Ezine you can sign up here.

Thank you SO much for your help. Good Luck – and let me know if you have any questions or need help!