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A Woman’s ABCs of Life

A Woman’s ABCs of Life:
Lessons In Love, Family And Career From Those Learned The Hard Way

It’s charming, cleverly organized and oh so wise. I’m delighted to have it! -Andrea Reynolds

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Yes, there are still a few soft covers from Publisher left! You can purchase them for just $5.00 as long as they last! Click Here To Order

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I wrote this book for my daughter when she was in college. She called me almost every day me just to ask advice. After a while I wondered why she had so many “issues” and I asked her about it. She said that her friends wanted my advice too and they were giving her lists of questions for me to answer.

So I thought I would sit down and write a page or two for my daughter and her friends and instead I ended up with a book for woman of all ages.

Skip all the hard times – and go straight to wisdom

We have all wished that we knew “then” what we know now. Imagine what it would be like if we could turn back the clock and relive all those pivotal points in our lives. What choices would we make differently? We can’t go back, but we can pass on that knowledge to those we love so that their lives are easier.

If you have you ever dreamed about teaching those you love all that you have learned through the hard knocks of life then you will understand exactly what A Woman’s ABCs of Life is all about.

There is no reason why anyone has to learn the same lessons someone else has learned before them.

Chapter Titles


  • ★ The ABC’s of Love
  • ★ The ABC’s of a Career
  • ★ The ABC’s of Family Relationships
  • ★ The ABC’s of Living

Sample Subjects


  • ★ How to recognize and keep a good man
  • ★ Being an ex-wife
  • ★ Being a student
  • ★ Going on a job interview
  • ★ Dealing with parents
  • ★ Being a step-mother
  • ★ As time passes
  • ★ Personal pleasures
  • ★ Pleasing a man
  • ★ Owning your own business
  • ★ Personal pleasures
  • ★ Being a grand-mother.

I hope this book helps to make your life and the lives of those you love, easy!

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Yes, there are still a few soft covers from Publisher left! You can purchase them for just $5.00 as long as they last!
Click Here To Order

“A Woman’s ABC’s of Life is packed with fun and practical advice that’s easy to take – insights you wish your mother might have taught you or that you wish you had learned before it was too late. Whether a woman is a student, homemaker, starting her own business, or wishing for the perfect man, this book offers downright practical advice and lessons learned through the turmoil of an active life, and tempered by the fires of fortune and misfortune.” Ladies Home Journal – Included in Quotable Quotes in Reader’s Digest.

  • Understand your mother
  • Get a great job
  • Be happy at work
  • Stay young
  • Accelerate your career
  • Avoid the pitfalls of life
  • Learn the qualities of a “good” man
  • Not repeat the mistakes of the past
  • Refresh your spirit
  • Renew the love in your marriage
  • Find yourself when you are lost
  • Be happy and satisfied
A Woman’s ABCs Of Life