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  • If You Are Feeling Stuck - The Shift Ezine – The Shift
    Posted by Beca Lewis on October 24, 2016 at 5:39 am

    I want to say; I don’t live in these beliefs anymore. Well, I could say it, but I don’t feel it. That’s what I want, I want to feel and experience that I don’t live in these beliefs anymore, ever, not now, not then. Instead, I don’t feel like doing anything. At all. Outside the weather is changing. It’s interesting how much everyone loves the seasons of change. Spring or fall. Spring bursts with bright colors, and more shades of green than we can count. Every day brings new growth. Fall sweeps in with its oranges and yellows and rusts and reds. These colors are everywhere from the sky to the ground. Fall flowers proudly sway in the wind. Trees take turns wearing brilliantly blazing colors and then dropping them, revealing the beauty that lies beneath. But, what about seasons of change within us? I don’t think we like them as much. […]