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  • Give Support And Get Out Of The Way - The Shift Ezine – The Shift
    by Beca Lewis on February 6, 2017 at 6:09 am

    I was dreaming. It was a big room, full of people. They were asking me questions about raising children. A man asked about his daughter. He said she was filled with ideas and desires to do things, all differently than what he wanted for her. My answer was, “support her and get out of the way.” We all have children. Millions of them. Ideas. Millions of them. Most of them run themselves as part of our day. What to wear, what to eat? What time shall we leave? Ideas. What about the ideas that demand more from us? Ideas that demand we learn something new. Demand that we grow up. Demand that we let go of what we thought and think differently. When these ideas speak, we have to support them and get out of the way. We support them by learning what needs to be learned. We do our homework. We practice. Just as we did when we were kids. And then we get out of the way. […]