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  • Say Yes To The Proven Power Of Affirming The Truth - The Shift Ezine – The Shift
    by Beca Lewis on March 20, 2017 at 5:46 am

    I got a cold. That nasty one that appears to move in and take up permanent residence. I haven’t been sick for years, so I barely paid attention to it the first day. What’s this? A cold. Heck no, I don’t get colds. That didn’t work. It simply made more noise. I honked, sniffed, and shuffled around for days. Days later, feeling irritated, I got mad and took it out on my sweeper. I yelled at it, swore at it, slammed it into the floor to prove that it lets go of dirt it has swept up whenever you bump it. Getting mad didn’t work. I still felt miserable, although it did focus on the fact that my stick vacuum does not suck. Finally, I decided to do something I already knew how to do but had forgotten its power. […]